Trumpet as one of the most popular musical instruments in Austria! New original stamp released

February 4th, 2016

The trumpet belongs to the family of brass instruments, so called because they are made of metal. This is very popular musical instrument in Austria. There are two methods of construction for trumpets, and the trumpet illustrated on this stamp is constructed according to the method used in Austria and Germany. invites our readers to appreciate the design of this original Austrian stamp and to add it to their collections.

Trumpets are used in art music styles, where they are an instrument in the orchestra and in concert bands, and in popular music styles such as jazz. They are played by blowing air through almost-closed lips, producing a "buzzing" sound that starts a standing wave vibration in the air column inside the instrument.

Since the late 15th century they have primarily been constructed of brass tubing, usually bent twice into a rounded oblong shape.

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