Two new emblematic Ecuadorian stamps

September 4th, 2013

Correos del Ecuador is proud to inform stamp collectors and the public in general that on Monday, 19th of August 2013 two new stamps were issued that are considered to be emblematic.

One stamp depicts the Seal of Lonesome George, 200,000 copies of which were distributed throughout the country. Lonesome George was the last giant species of tortoise species Chelonoidis Abingdonii that on June 24, 2012 was found dead in the yard where he lived for several decades.

The Postal stamp was printed in France in ink Ecuadorian volcanic rock by the technique known as thermography. Each sheet passes through the thermal ink, ink dry powder to which the crushed rock is added. A vacuum removes excess dust and sheet passes through an oven where all the ingredients melt fusing the dust and rock.

This issue seeks to induce citizens' awareness in order to prevent the disappearance of species and precious kinds of the flora and fauna of the country and the world.

The second part of this issue is stamp "The Joy of Believing" which paid tribute on behalf of the Ecuadorian people , to leaders of the Catholic Church: Pope Benedict XVI and Francisco. This Stamp 100,000 stamps were created in mini sheets of four stamps each. Printing is done at the Military Geographical Institute, IGM , on security paper with filigree circles double line, interlaced with gold leaf emblem.

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