Two stamps from the “Sustainability” series were introduced by Brazil Post

July 14th, 2015 is glad to inform that Brazil Post has released a set of two stamps under the titles "YOUNG APPRENTICE" and "REDUCING CO2 EMISSION". The issue was unveiled and put into circulation on the 15th of June.

Through this series of stamps dedicated to Sustainability, the Brazilian Post divulges two of its actions corporately developed. These initiatives place the Brazilian Post as an important agent of integration and social inclusion in the country, as well as a supporter of actions that promote sustainable practices.

The first item stamp from the issue portrays, through the drawing of a teenager, characteristics of the majority of the youngsters who participate on the Young Apprentice Program, students who have fun and, through the program, acquire basic skills to enter the market, in a more qualified way.

The image in the second stamp brings, on the foreground, the drawing of a motorcycle with the image of the Brazilian Post logo, and an electric outlet, characterizing the inclusion of electric bikes in the company's fleet. On the background, the drawing of a tree represents that it is possible to carry out postal services activities with sustainable practices.


Brazilian Post's Young Apprentice program, according to Training Law 10.097/2000, regulated by Decree nº 5.598/2005 was implemented, nationally, in 2010. The training, through methodical professional formation, aims to give young people the fundamental basic skills for their insertion in the market in the most qualified way, and contributes to raising the level of education and promotion of citizenship.

The selection of young people is performed through public announcement, considering the legal aspects and other requirements such as the candidate's socioeconomic, education and social vulnerability status. Companies of any kind, including public and joint stock companies, are required to hire apprentices and enroll them in courses of technical and professional methodical formation.

The Brazilian Post has a partnership with the National Service for Industrial Training - SENAI for this formation, and is responsible for this special hiring, for a specified time, and for the performance of the practical part of the course. Over 12,000 youngsters have been hired by the Brazilian Post through the Young Apprentice Program. Companies that develop Training Programs expand the opportunities for differentiated professional careers to young people, in face of market demands, with social and productive impacts.


The release of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is the main cause for the increase of global warming, a phenomenon known as greenhouse effect. Approximately 77% of the CO2 released on the planet result from human activity, according to data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

To perform the services offered by the companies of the postal sector, a large number of motor vehicles are used, an activity that emits a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. To promote continuous improvement on the environmental performance and contribute to the solution of this challenge, essential to people's health and assurance of life quality on the planet, the Brazilian Post, through the Environmental Management System, develops sustainable practices to reduce CO2 emission.

Besides the use of biofuel (ethanol) in motor vehicles, the Brazilian Post uses bicycles in the delivery of objects and letters. More recently, the company purchased electric motorcycles for its fleet.

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