U.S. Flag Stamp Issued

June 5th, 2009

The U.S. Postal Service issued a new 44-cent U.S. Flag stamp today at the NAPEX Stamp Show in McLean, VA. All 600 million stamps, issued in booklets of 10, are available nationwide today.

This stamp image depicts a detail of an American flag that was photographed by Rick Barrentine of Duluth, GA, under the direction of Art Director Terrance W. McCaffrey of Rosslyn, VA. The detail, showing a softly folded flag, features most prominently the starry blue field, with red-and-white stripes occupying the remaining space.

The American flag has regularly appeared on definitive stamps intended for mail use, and recent commemoratives have displayed the flag as well. The Stars and Stripes pane (2000), for example, highlighted the evolution of American flags over time, and the Old Glory prestige booklet (2003) featured a wide range of ephemera and folk art that incorporated American flag motifs.

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