UAE’s postal authority marks Happiness Day. 8 special stamps introduced to collectors’ attention

March 26th, 2017 is excited to introduce to our readers’ attention a commemorative set of eight new Dh2 stamps that feature symbols of country’s own national happiness programme and celebrate World Happiness Day.

The eight logos on the commemorative stamps were created by the children of the UAE.

The new Dh2 stamps feature the sun, UAE flag, smiling face, family and friends, the sea, the date palm, the cloud and a flower. Each stamp features the symbols of the UAE's own National Programme for Happiness and Positivity.

The Emirates Post Group's roll-out of the stamps is to boost happiness and positivity on the UN-backed day. “These special stamps highlight the role of the National Programme for Happiness and Positivity”, said Emirates Post Group’s Acting CEO, Abdullah Al Ashram.

“Postage stamps are a great channel for cross-cultural outreach, covering different countries, individuals and civilisations across the globe”, he added.

The stamps capture the vision of the UAE government to spread the culture of happiness and positivity in UAE society, said Ouhood Al Roomi, UAE Minister of State for Happiness.

On Monday, in the main lobby of Emirates Towers in Dubai, the special stamps and postcards were distributed to staff and visitors. Each person got to send a postcard with personalised messages to their loved ones and friends in the UAE and around the world, with free delivery by Emirates Post.