Ukraine celebrates liberation from Nazi invaders

October 31st, 2014 received information that Ukrposhta is to issue a special commemorative stamp to celebrate Ukrainian liberation from Nazi invaders. The stamp is to be released and put into circulation on the 28th of October, on the day of this important holiday.

During the years of Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) major battles for Europe liberation from fascism took place mostly on the territory of Ukraine.

The course of war has been drastically changed after the Stalingrad battle (November 1942 - February 1943).

The first Ukrainian settlements to be liberated from Germans in December 1942, situated in the East Donbas. The final liberation of Ukrainian territory began during the Kursk Bulge battle (July 5 – August 23, 1943).

On August 23, the Steppe front troops liberated Kharkiv. During September-October 1943, as the Germans tried to establish an unassailable strategic defence line along the Dnieper riverbank, the heroic battle for the Dnieper took place. The apex of the battle was the liberation of Kyiv from the Fritz.

During January 1943 – October 1944, in the course of Ukrainian territories’ liberation four Ukrainian fronts (counting more than 2,3 mln. people) carried out a series of bright offensive operations.

The liberation of Ukraine was ended by the Carpathian operation, launched on September 9, 1944. On October 27, 1944, Uzhhorod became free and on October 28, the Soviet troops were already on the modern border of the State.

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