Uruguay's New Issue commemorates 185 years of creating the battalion!

April 24th, 2014

According the info got by FindYourStampsValue.com, on Thursday, March 6, at the Florida battalion, located in Camino Maldonado 7110, km. 14, mail Uruguayan presented the commemorative stamp for the 185 years from the birth of the battalion.

Act participated, the Vice-President of the Republic and President of the General Assembly, CR. Danilo Astori; the President of Uruguayan mail, Ms. Solange Moreira; the Director of mail Uruguayan, Dr. SC. Pablo Arretche; the President of the Chamber of representatives, Mr. Aníbal Pereyra; the Commander in Chief of the army General of army, Juan Villagrán Aristarain; the Commander of the Division of army I,Gral. Domingo Montaldoand the head of the Florida battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Wilfredo Paiva.

The CR. Danilo Astori said that "1829 was a key year in the history of the country. From February 24 of that year been 185 years of tour history, which today is our loyal company in the Palacio Legislativo".

Astori added that "el battalion Florida was fundamental protagonist of the foundational process and rich history".

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