USA is to issue Hot Rods forever stamps

April 22nd, 2014

Recently has found out that the United States is to issue Hot Rods forever stamps approximately on 6th of June.
The designs of these two Hot Rods forever were already revealed in mid-April by the United States Postal Service through its USA Philatelic catalog, where you can find these items.
The stamps illustrate two different styles of 1932 Ford “Deuce” roadsters that are shown from different angles and in details. The country name “USA” is shown on the license plate of each car. The design of Hot Rods stamps will feature a horizontal definitive size and stamps themselves will be issued in double-sided panes of 20 (convertible booklet format).

In an interview with the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times published Feb. 23, former Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee member Cary Brick said:

“My wife, Janet, and I have accepted his [Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe] invitation to join him when he dedicates some yet-to-be-revealed-publicly stamps depicting sporty hot rods at a national car show in York, Pa., later this year.”
To show the great meaning of the issue of these stamps a real ceremony will be held on the day this series of stamps will be issued. Unfortunately the exact ceremony time and location were not made available by the Postal Service, but in the nearest future this information will be known.