USPS commended for heroic actions

October 10th, 2005

The Mailing Industry CEO Council today commended the leadership and employees of the United States Postal Service for heroic action to restore mail services to businesses and citizens displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Amidst widespread destruction across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the U.S. Postal Service once again reaffirmed its universal mission to deliver the mail, the members of the CEO Council said.

"The mailstream is literally a lifeline for Americans. It plays a vitally important role in ensuring that people and businesses can communicate with each other swiftly and securely. The steps that the USPS took to mitigate the disruption of daily mail delivery following Hurricane Katrina have been nothing short of heroic," said Michael J. Critelli, the Chairman and CEO of Pitney Bowes Inc. and President of the Mailing Industry CEO Council.

C. Hamilton Davison, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Council and Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Cards Inc., added, "Katrina touched all of us, reminding us of life's basics, including personal and business mail. Thanks to the efforts of postal employees, the families and businesses affected by this terrible storm can now enjoy their regular flow of packages, letters and cards."

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