USPS introduce Color Postmark

December 22nd, 2004

Stamp collecting will take on new color January 6 when the U.S. Postal Service introduces a First-Day Digital Color Postmark product with the issuance of the Lunar New Year Souvenir Stamp Sheet.

"This new product will do for traditional black and white first-day postmarks as color television has done for black and white TV," explained David Failor, Executive Director, Stamp Services, "by adding vibrant color, clarity and definition previously unattainable."

Of next year's issues, the FDC color postmark has been confirmed for the following:

Lunar New Year Souvenir Sheet; Arthur Ashe; Jim Henson & Muppets; The Art of Disney: Celebrations; Spring Flowers; To Form a More Perfect Union; Henry Fonda; Rio Grande Blankets; Masterworks of Architecture; Greta Garbo; Constellations; Advances in Aviation; Latino Dance; Holiday Cookies; Love Bouquet; Sporty Cars of the 50s.

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