Vatican City guest of honour at the 27th INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR OF TURIN stamp

March 22nd, 2014

Vatican City State will be guest of honour at the 27th International Book Fair of Turin, Italy. The Philatelic and Numismatic Office of Vatican marks the occasion with a special postage stamp issue.

The Turin Book Fair, which takes place annually in Lingotto Fiere, is not only the largest book fair in Italy, but also a veritable cultural festival bringing together professionals in the field serving all types of readers. At its first edition in 1988, the book fair drew 100,000 visitors and had 553 exhibit stands. By 2013 participants at the fair numbered 300,000 with 1,200 exhibit stands. Last year's edition also included many conferences and discussions drawing 70,000 guests, 2,889 accredited journalists, photographers and videographers, as well as 3,000 articles and reports in the media. Apart from its primary focus on books, presented and developed in the broadest sense with their countless variations and perspectives, the fair also offers an important platform for authors, publishers, artists, exhibits, shows, as well as insights into history and culture, both material and spiritual. The president of the Book Fair, Rolando Picchioni, said he is honoured that the Vatican has accepted this invitation and grateful to the Holy See for this unprecedented participation which will allow to discover and better appreciate the history and cultural richness of a State which is small geographically, but great in political and spiritual importance. Vatican City State is most pleased to accept the invitation of the Turin authorities by offering its own cultural and spiritual contribution at this most prestigious event.


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