Večerníček – the legendary cartoon character by Czech Post

February 15th, 2015

In 2015, the legendary cartoon character of Večerníček will celebrate the unbelievable 50th anniversary of continuous presence on television. got to know that on this occasion Czech Post is to produce a special stamp. This little boy wearing a paper hat has been tirelessly opening and closing a bedtime story animation and spreading most powerful positive emotions among the audience every day for half a century.

He and the theme song became the symbol of the animated programme named after him.

The tradition of bedtime story animation on television started in 1963 with the Small Silver Mirror programme aired every Sunday evening. On the 2nd of January 1965, the programme was replaced with Večerníček bedtime stories regularly broadcast every Sunday. The founding author and first script editor of Večerníček programme was graphic artist Milan Nápravník.

The Večerníček theme song is the oldest television theme song in the Czech Republic. The concept of a short animation with a little boy opening and closing each bedtime story was introduced as early as in the summer of 1965. The music for the theme song was composed by Ladislav Simon.

Several new series are produced by Czech Television every year. By decision of the new Czech Television management board, the programme was moved from the first to the second Czech Television channel. Since the creation of Czech Television's Déčko channel on 31 August 2013, Večerníček has been broadcast also on Déčko.