Vera Kholodnaya. 1893-1919. 120th Anniversary of the Birth commemorated by Ukrposhta

November 2nd, 2013

Ukrpochta put into circulation a postage stamp "Vera Kholodnaya. 120th Anniversary of the birth".

Vera Kholodnaya (1893-1919) was a famous Ukrainian film actress. She starred in films directed by E. Bauer, P. Chardynin and others at the dawn of the era of silent pictures.

She became famous thanks to the movies: "The Song of the TriumphantLove" (1915 ), "The Mirages" (1915 ), "A Life for a Life" (1916 ), "At the Fire Side "( 1917) and many others .

"Vera Kholodnaya didn't create movies – wrote the critic Veronin - she was remaining herself, she lived the life that was given to her, she loved the love that her heartknew, she was dominated by the contradictory and dark forces of her feminine nature that a thin far devil gave her at her birth."

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