Vermont reservoir gains spot on US postage stamp

November 4th, 2004

A new series of US postage stamps about cloud formations features Chittenden Reservoir as a backdrop.

It's on a stamp depicting stratus opacus clouds.

As clouds go, stratus opacus are not the most dramatic or beautiful. They amount to thick, gray fog. So, to make a more appealing stamp, the US Postal Service chose a gorgeous backdrop: Vermont's very own Chittenden Reservoir in all its autumn glory.

Stanley David Gedzelman, a professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at the City College of New York, took the photograph on October 3, 1987, just before a snowstorm dumped 21 inches of snow on the mountains.

His photo and 14 others provide vivid examples of the main cloud types. The cloudscape series was created to help promote atmospheric sciences and information about the clouds is included on the back of each stamp.

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