Vintage Circus Posters are to surprise the collectors

April 17th, 2014

As got to know, Vintage Circus Posters stamps will be issued by Eight United States on 5th of May in a pane of sixteen stamps (eight designs repeated twice on the pane). U.S. Postal Service officials announced only the theme of the stamps in March, although the image was not formally revealed.

This stamp series features the posters of different circus organizations such as Barnum and Bailey, Sells-Floto Circus, Ringling Brothers, Al G. Barnes Circus and Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus.

On two of the stamps there are colorful clowns to be found. On the stamps various circus animals are also depicted. Thus the image of an elephant can be found on two stamps, including one with a tiger riding on its back. A second tiger is depicted on a stamp of its own, and acrobats and performers appear on the remaining three stamps.

According to the info got by, Vintage Circus Posters are printed in two different large sizes alternating on the pane itself. Thus, the horizontal stamps measure 2 inches across by 1.46 inches down, and the vertical ones - 1.12 inches by 1.46 inches.

The pane selvage depicts an image of the entrance to a circus taken by famous circus photographer Edward J. Kelty in 1937.