Vintage Mahogany Speedboats Stamps to Navigate America's Mailstream

August 3rd, 2007

If you've always wanted to own a boat but could never afford one, you'll be able to own a fleet of four for the price of First-Class Mail postage when the US Postal Service issues the Vintage Mahogany Speedboats commemorative stamps tomorrow. The four subjects on the sheet of 12 stamps showcase the polished mahogany and gleaming chrome hardware that characterize the nation's historic wooden motorboats. Built by four different manufacturers, each vintage watercraft is still in use today:

Frolic, a 1915 Hutchinson Brothers launch.
Dispatch, a 1931 Gar Wood triple cockpit runabout.
Thunderbird, a 1939 Hacker-Craft commuter boat.
Duckers, a 1954 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout.

The selvage

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