Visitation – one of the greatest works of Rogier Van Der Weyden

December 4th, 2014 hurries to inform that German Post has prepared for issuing a new stamp dedicated to the works of Rogier Van Der Weyden. This particular stamp depicts one of the most popular works of this painter – "Visitation".

Most of the works of Rogier van der Weyden consist of triptychs, diptychs or polyptychs, each including more than one panel. Some are dismembered and the parts are kept in different museums. Some panels are only fragmentary remains.

The concept of the picture is the following: the panoramic view behind Mary suggests that she has come a long way. Her status as the Mother of Christ is symbolized by her posture – Mary stands up straight where Elizabeth genuflexes slightly. Both women place a hand on each other's stomach.

Before the entrance to the peculiar castle-like mansion we can see the Elizabeth's husband Zachary, playing with a dog.

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