Watercolors by H.M. The Queen of Denmark appeared on stamps! Six spectacular items released by Greenland Post

May 17th, 2018

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to inform all philately enthusiasts that the artwork of Her Majesty the Queen has been featured on Greenlandic postage stamps for the first time ever. This is a very important event, since the Queen has decided that the stamps should be issued for the benefit of charitable work in Greenland. In addition, it is most definitely the first time in world history that a monarch gets seven of her or his artworks issued on postage stamps – in just one day!

The Queen has made several visits to Greenland through the years, and the watercolors depicted on these seven stamps were made during two of these visits. The pieces of art were given to the Crown Princess, and they have been exhibited at the Katuaq, Greenland’s Culture Center in Nuuk.

The souvenir sheet holds seven stamps, each containing a rendering of one of the Queen’s watercolors. The seven stamps depict, among other things, the coastline of Ittoqqortoormiit (Scorebysund), as seen by the Queen, as the royal yacht passed by the area.

The stamps give a wonderful depiction of the Greenlandic nature. The blurriness of watercolors works perfectly well in this situation, where the nature is ever-changing, but the change happens gradually. We see the development of the landscape in the stamps, where we go from the ocean in the foreground, we have the central landscape, which is clearly in focus, and we see the further development of the country in the background, where faded mountains are depicted.

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