Winter holidays are also celebrated in tropical countries! New Christmas stamp issue released by Tokelau Post

November 12th, 2015

This merry illustrated Christmas stamp issue shows that you don't have to have a white Christmas to feel festive. The word 'Christmas' tends to conjure images of snow, pine trees and jolly old Santa Claus dressed in his red suit. However, this white Christmas aesthetic is only applicable to some of the Northern Hemisphere; Christmas in Tokelau brings warm weather, time at the beach and celebrations under pandanus trees. invites our readers to enjoy the originality of tropical Christmas with this new festive stamp issue.

45c – Tropical Snowman stamp

With an average temperature of 30°C throughout December, snow in Tokelau at Christmas time is essentially impossible. In place of a traditional snowman, this stamp depicts a snowman made out of sand, all decked up and ready for a festive and summery Tokelau Christmas.

$1.40 – Christmas Tree stamp

The pandanus tree thrives in Tokelau's warmer climate and its leaves and bark are central to Tokelauan crafts. This stamp shows a festive pandanus tree, decked with all the trimmings and with presents sitting underneath.

$2.00 – Sand Angels stamp

Making snow angels is a classic winter activity in countries that experience snow during the festive season. But with no snow in Tokelau, the reindeer on this stamp is merrily making do with sand right by the ocean.

$3.00 – Santa stamp

When visiting the warmer climates of the world, Santa's traditional red suit would be far too warm to wear in Tokelau. Here, Santa has swapped his suit for a far more summery ensemble and is enjoying the beautiful weather that Tokelau has to offer.