Winter holidays are coming! 2 newly issued stamps by Croatian Post underline their importance!

November 25th, 2015 is glad to introduce a special festive stamp released by Croatian Post that is dedicated to the Jesus' birth. This personality inspires people from around the world and encourages them to be better.

Christmas is a time when every Christian should recognize the face of Jesus Christ in every human being, who was born to show mankind how it is possible to live Love.

A small unprotected baby that was born in spite of all dangers and obstacles proved that a man does not have to be powerful and rich to be respected and honored even more then 2000 years after being born. Christmas time each year always reminds us that happiness and life meaning is in forgiveness, solidarity and meaningful human values that Christians try to renew remembering Christ's birth.

One of the greatest victories on fear and one of the greatest surrenders to God's will is founded in the birth of Jesus Christ.

The story of His birth is not a romantic one, it is rather unpredictable and difficult to accept, there are no colorful trees or presents, nor the warmth of a home and pastry scents. The story of the child Jesus' birth has God in its center surrounded by Mary's commitment and Joseph's humbleness.