Women’s national clothing in Greenland… 4 original stamps released

January 27th, 2016

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce to our readers' attention the four beautiful stamps that provide insight into women's national costumes in Greenland.

There are regional differences in the outfits, depending on whether they are produced in North, South, West or East Greenland.

In Greenland, people have always used every part of what was caught. The meat is eaten and the skin is used to this day, for both everyday clothing, and for the beautiful traditional outfits.

Before contact with the outside world, they did not have access to fabric and beads, so all clothing was made from skins. Skins of seal, polar bear, reindeer, foxes, rabbits and dogs were used to keep warm in the harsh climate of the Arctic.

Today, people in Greenland mix traditional materials with new, and create contemporary design with traditional Greenlandic symbols.

Let's get acquainted with the variety of these traditional clothing with a special stamp set "Women's national costume"

North Greenlandic clothing

In North Greenland they use polar bear skins for pants, sealskin for the boots, reindeer for the anorak, and rabbit skins is used for the lining of the boots and anoraks.

West Greenlandic clothing

The West Greenlandic outfit for the women is very colorful. They use sealskin for the kamiks, as well as embroidery and dyed sealskin leather, cut into small pieces, called avittat.

East Greenland clothing

The traditional clothing on East Greenland is much simpler than the West Greenlandic.