Working Horses special stamps from the Royal Mail

February 6th, 2014

The Royal Mail followed its popular Working Dogs stamp issue of 2008 with a salute to the huge contribution that Working Horses make to British life. Featuring six glorious Special Stamps showing these magnificent creatures at work and the Presentation Pack provides a wealth of insights into the historic and contemporary lives of Britain's Working Horses.

The stamps feature six contemporary photographs of Working Horses performing therapeutic, ceremonial, environmental, draught and police duties.

Riding for the Disabled Association

The RDA enables around 30,000 disabled people a year to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of equestrian activities and the close bond that exists between horses and humans.

The King's Troop Ceremonial Horses

The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery is responsible for drawing the gun carriages for State and military funerals and also firing Royal Salutes on State occasions.

Dray Horses

While lorries may deliver beer barrels more quickly, many breweries still retain their drays for narrow, winding lanes, as well as the promotional benefits of these lovely Shire horses.

Royal Mews Carriage Horses

Windsor Greys have been drawing carriages for the Royal Family since the reign of Queen Victoria, and together with 20 Bays they are integral to State and Royal occasions.

Police Horses

Originally used to chase highwaymen, today’s Police Horses offer an approachable means of community policing, as well as an imposing way to manage large or unruly crowds.

Forestry Horses

A variety of ponies and draught horses work in forestry, shielding delicate environments from the harm that vehicles would cause, while at the same time protecting the future of their breeds.