World Day of Prayer celebrated by Bahamas Post

March 6th, 2015 is glad to inform that Bahamas Post issues a set of three stamps celebrating World Day of Prayer that will take place on March 6th, 2015, and this year focuses on The Bahamas. The issue has been already designed and is to be put into circulation on the 6th of March.

The three stamps reflect the work of the writing committee and local artists in creating an artwork to carry on the message of the 2015 theme. From the three proposals, they chose Blessed from Chantal Bethel to be the WDP art theme. The three commemorative stamps will share this year's message for generations to come. Stamps: 15c "Never Forget How to Serve" by Jessica Colebrooke; 50c "Blessed" by Chantal Bethel; 65c "The Master Key" by Tyrone Ferguson. The stamps will be released on March 6.

The following is a statement from the International World Day of Prayer Committee:

From the most remote village to the most enthusiastic island in the Bahamas, we are all asking ourselves this question "Do you know what I have done to you?" Many different answers will come out according to the context we live in, but one thing we all know for sure ‒ we had learned with our sisters in the Bahamas that Jesus is talking about love, a love that crosses barriers, a love where the master serves the one in need. And we are amazed by how deep and radical God's love is.

We are a few days away from our common day of prayer, and we are all busy, enthusiastic, and prayerful that we may answer Jesus' question with actions of radical love and solidarity. I received some words from The Bahamas WDP committee that you may want to share with your network.

The Committee had organized services in all main islands of the archipelago in such way that they will have 24 hours of prayer. Celebrations in churches and schools will be held all over the Bahamas. In Nassau, the Prime Minister will attend the service together with many community leaders. "The worship service's message of cleansing, healing and love is expected to touch lives as never seen before in the Bahamas", said Annette Poitier, WDPIC former chairperson and member of the Bahamas Committee.

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