World famous Grace Kelly’s movies. Two bright stamps are to be released by Monaco Post

December 28th, 2016

In the storied history of the American cinema, few stars shone so brightly for so briefly as Grace Kelly. A working actor for just five short years in the 1950s, known best for her roles as sparkling, whimsical socialites and her work in multiple Alfred Hitchcock thrillers. To honor this great actress Monaco Post has prepared for issuing a set of two stamps depicting the scenes of the most  famous Grace Kelly’s movies . invites our readers to get acquainted with the creativity of a great actress with these two bright philatelic items.


The 1953 US film Mogambo, directed by John Ford, is a remake of Victor Fleming’s Red Dust, released in 1932. The film, set in the heart of Africa, features Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly in a love triangle. It won Grace Kelly the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Gary Cooper won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in this legendary 1952 Western directed by Fred Zinnemann. High Noon will always be the film which introduced the world to one of the most beautiful and talented actresses ever, the unforgettable Grace Kelly.