June 20th, 2015

World Food Programme as the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger


FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to inform that Spanish Post has issued a special stamp dedicated to the World Food Programme. The item was released under the heading Solidarity. In the picture a world map made of food-producing seeds and a hand with a double symbolism is recreated; on the one hand, it works for a world with Zero Hunger providing the fruits needed for universal support, but which in turn is also the hand that includes the necessary food. The stamp was unveiled and put into circulation on the 4th of June.

WFP is a humanitarian organization that fights hunger around the globe. It is part of the United Nations system and is funded by voluntary donations. It was founded in 1961 in order that all men, women and children have access to food needed for an active and healthy life, and since then has not stopped working.

Details of the organization say that attend each year to an average of 80 million people in more than 75 countries. One of its main tasks is to respond to humanitarian emergencies caused by natural disasters, war or civil strife, carrying food. To meet these objectives is also responsible for providing the infrastructure and logistics necessary to supply anywhere in the world, as well as the necessary telecommunications and networking in these needy areas.

The WFP helps, too, to the most deprived communities with programs training, preparing them to rebuild their lives and get their own food security. The Food for Work program provides food to people in exchange for work on development projects to help build the foundations for a better future. Other programs such as food for training, teach sewing, beekeeping, animal husbandry and other topics of interest. Helping women is also present in the organization, as in many places in the world is she who cultivate and harvest the fields.

With regard to children, WFP provides food annually to more than 20 million children in schools. This measure encourages families to assist their children to school and develop their training. Reduce malnutrition and break the intergenerational cycle of hunger-poverty are other objectives of this humanitarian organization.

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