World Kiss Day celebrated by San Marino Post

June 11th, 2015 got to know that San Marino Post is to release an original stamp set to celebrate one of the most pleasant holiday – World Kiss Day. The issue consists of four items that are to be put into circulation on the 16th of June.

The event has been celebrated in the United Kingdom on the 6th July since 1990 and it spread soon worldwide. Its aim is to pay homage to a gesture that contains in its intrinsic value the sense of love in its wider and universally recognized forms.

The set dedicated to the World Kiss Day recalls immediately the feeling of brotherly sharing and symbolic human union: the kissing lips have the shape of a red heart full of passion and happiness. The designer is Olimpia Zagnoli, illustrator known for her soft and colorful figures that often appear on New York Times, New Yorker, La Repubblica, Rolling Stone and many others.

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