World Post Day stamp from Mexico

October 14th, 2013

Correos de Mexico issued a stamp celebrating the World Post Day 2013.

World Post Day marks the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union's establishment and is annually held on October 9. The union aimed to create and maintain a structure for the free flow of international mail around the world.

In many international organizations and countries, officials or ministers make speeches or issue proclamations on the history or achievements of national or international postal services. Postal services issue special postage stamps to commemorate the ideals, history or achievements of the national postal service on or around World Post Day.

These are prized by stamp collectors and philatelists. In addition, special lessons on these topics may be arranged for school children and the postal services and their employees may receive extra training or recognition and attention in the media.

The Universal Postal Union in cooperation with UNESCO has, for the past 35 years, organized an international letter-writing competition for young people. Many participating postal services use World Post Day to award prizes to the winners of the competition.