World Stamp Championship Exhibition will be hosted in Taiwan for the first time! Include visiting of this exciting event in your schedule

January 25th, 2016 is glad to inform that Chunghwa Post Co. later this year will host the 2016 World Stamp Championship and Exhibition, which will be held in Taiwan for the first time and will coincide with the company's 120th anniversary.

The exhibition, called PHILATAIPEI, will be held at Taipei World Trade Center from Oct. 21-26, the company said. Some 2,000 frames of philately items from 140 exhibitors in 72 countries will be on display, according to Chunghwa Post.

They will be mostly items that won the World Stamp Championship in philately, which will attract the best philatelists from around the world, the company said.

In 2014, the Federation of International Philately granted Chunghwa Post the rights to host the exhibition, which is usually held every four years along with the championship and will be hosted by Taiwan for first time. Chunghwa Post successfully held the 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition last year.