Year of Red Fire Monkey celebrated by Australian Post! 2 bright and original stamps released

February 1st, 2016

Lunar New Year is one of the most important of the traditional Chinese festivals and is celebrated by Chinese people throughout the world. Seen as a time of renewal, it is also known as Spring Festival. is glad to introduce a new set of stamps by Australian Post that celebrate this bright and important event.

Celebrations vary regionally in China and center on family. The celebrations include the burning of incense for ancestors, and friends visit each other with presents and exchange cards. Traditional lion and dragon dances are performed and fireworks are set off. Many families stay up to watch a special New Year broadcast on television.

The Monkey that appeared on a new Australian stamp issue is the ninth sign in the Chinese Zodiac 12-year cycle. Those born under the sign are considered witty, mischievous and inquisitive. The Monkey's love of learning and ability to solve problems make it well suited to careers in finance, science and engineering. Famous people born in the Year of the Monkey include Hugh Jackman and Kylie Minogue.