Year of the Book honoured with special philatelic issue. Ten special stamps released by PostNL

September 19th, 2016 hurries to inform our readers that PostNL has issued a special sheetlet of 10 stamps of to mark the Year of the Book. Ten special books from the Royal Library are depicted on this sheet. During the opening of the Book Parade in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam today, Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaar, Chaiman of 'Stichting 2016 jaar van het Boek', receives the first stamp sheetlet.

The ten books shown on the stamps were selected for diversity of both genre and period, and include journals, children's books, textbooks, picture books and literature. Appealing titles on the stamps include Turks Fruit by Jan Wolkers, Het Achterhuis by Anne Frank, Ethica by Spinoza and Oom Jan Leertzijn Neefjes Schaken by Max Euwe.

A bookscape as design

Designer Niels Schrader was pleased that PostNL shared his idea of the book landscape. "In this design, the books are spread out horizontally, photographed from different angles. For example, there are photographs of books which are open, or with the front or back cover showing, or only the spine of the book. This creates a landscape of books if you view them from above. We now call that a bookscape", says Schrader.
Cultural education

Ludo Voorn, Marketing Director of PostNL says of the new stamp sheetlet: "A large number of organisations are paying extra attention to reading and writing this year. They are organising surprising festivals, exhibitions and book elections around these themes. With this stamp issue, PostNL also makes a contribution to the Year of the Book, and we highlight the important role that books play in the cultural education of people".

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