Year of the Goat celebrated by Slovenian Post

January 27th, 2015 is glad to inform that Slovenian Post is to release a special stamp celebrating the Year of the Goat. The goat is the eighth sign of the Chinese zodiac. The issue has been already designed and is to be put into circulation on the 30th of January.

Opinions differ as to what kind of animal this is. For a long time people believed that those born in the Year of the Goat would have a hard life and an unhappy destiny. Their path through life would be rugged and rocky, full of insurmountable obstacles.

Although all these meanings are merely superstitions, the Year of the Goat is not considered an ideal time to have children. On the other hand ancient writings and numerous Chinese characters suggest that the goat has essentially positive connotations.

The word for beautiful, tasty (美) is written with a character consisting of goat (羊) and big (大), since a big, fat goat was something tasty and beautiful. The attractiveness of the goat can also be seen in the character for envy (羡), which consists of goat (羊) and temporary halt (次). Envy is in fact the feeling you get when you look at your neighbor’s goat.

In your heart you imagine for a moment that the goat belongs to you. Three goats mean happiness, so a common greeting in the Year of the Goat is san yang kai tai (三羊开泰) or three goats welcoming spring. This is a complex expression that combines the concepts of the hexagram, the months and the seasons, and is further blurred by wordplay.