“Year of the Rooster” celebrated by Hong Kong Post. Four special stamps along with a miniature sheet released

December 24th, 2016

The twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, with their origins in the distant past, are an integral part of Chinese history and culture. The significance of the animal zodiac signs to Chinese folk arts and crafts can be illustrated by the adoption of such signs in a large variety of artworks. To usher in the Year of the Rooster in 2017, Hongkong Post presents the sixth issue in its fourth Lunar New Year special stamp series, featuring a set of four stamps portraying roosters in different art forms to highlight the central theme of the Year of the Rooster.

FindYourStampsValue.com invites our readers to appreciate this bright philatelic release that is definitely worth your attention. Let`s get acquainted with the design of an each item in details! 

$1.70 – Using fabric as the basic material, the long-established Chinese cloth art is a craft combining paper-cutting, embroidery and painting. The brightly-hued cloth rooster shown in this stamp is a vivacious and lovely bird. The daffodils in the background, commonly used as Lunar New Year flowers in Hong Kong, represent wealth and auspiciousness.

$2.90 – Tin toys, mainly made of tin-plated iron sheets, were once very fashionable. This stamp depicts a finely crafted and lifelike tin toy rooster on a background of peonies. The peony is a symbol of prosperity and affluence.

$3.70 – The seashell, a hard substance with a lustrous layer of nacre, is used to create various objects of art. This stamp features a remarkably true-to-life rooster made of seashells. The peach blossoms in the background denote perfect love and marriage, a peaceful life and longevity.

$5 – Silversmithing is a traditional Chinese craft. A silversmith skilful at carving and casting can turn a piece of silverware into an elegant work of art. This stamp depicts a glittering, eye-catching gold-plated silver rooster on a backdrop of dahlias, which denote opulence and beauty.

An accompanying stamp sheetlet features an embroidered rooster complemented by vividly-coloured embroidered peonies. These motifs represent wishes for a joyful year ahead. Embroidery is the art of stitching patterns and designs onto fabrics through repetitive needlework.

Traditional Chinese embroidery, mostly stitched with silk thread, is renowned for its exquisite workmanship. Complementing the stamp sheetlet, Hongkong Post has also released a silk stamp sheetlet. The exclusiveness and elegance of silk lend grandeur to the brightly-coloured embroidered rooster, which heralds a prosperous New Year.

Hong Kong Post: First Day Cover and Serviced First Day Covers with a theme of "Year of the Rooster"