Yum-yum! The delicious Slovenian breakfast is now on a stamp

September 22nd, 2015

Breakfast is one of the most important meals for each person. It gives us energy and strength to full fill all the tasks one has planned for a day. Slovenia Post offers stamp collectors from around the world to try a delicious Slovenia breakfast that is depicted on a new stamp issue. FindYourStampsValue.com can ensure you that the stamp really is something special: printed using a special technique, it has the scent of honey.

The “Traditional Slovene Breakfast” project is the continuation of a promotional/educational campaign by Slovene beekeepers called “One day for breakfast honey of Slovene beekeepers in Slovenia’s nursery schools”, which is taking place under the aegis of the Slovene Beekeeping Association (ČZS).

The project aims above all to educate and inform children about the importance of bees and bee products. On the day of the traditional Slovene breakfast – the third Friday in November – children breakfast on bread, butter, honey, milk and apples – all of Slovene origin! In October 2012, at the prompting of the ČZS, the government proclaimed this day Slovene Food Day.

The aim of the project is to teach children the importance of breakfast and show them how important it is to eat food produced in Slovenia. Children are given the opportunity to learn more about the importance of farmers as producers of food, and about bees, which are closely connected with agriculture and food production.

The most important task of the bee is pollination, since this has a significant influence on the production of food for human beings and animals, on the production of various industrial raw materials, and also on human health and other important factors of life. There is a further important emphasis on generally raising young people’s awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of exercise and sport.

The delicious Slovenian breakfast is now on a stamp