Zlatan Ibrahimovic to be honoured with own postage stamps

November 13th, 2013

The Swedish postal service decided to immortalize the PSG forward and the player of Swedish national team Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a postage stamps.

The idea of postal workers is to revive the ancient tradition of writing letters on paper. And the portrait of Ibrahimovic should attract the admirers of the mighty Swede to paper communication.

Ibrahimovic liked this idea too: "It's a great honour to be on a postage stamp, and I'm very proud to be selected.I get a lot of bills and there are rarely great stamps. Maybe that will change now!"
The head of the Swedish postal service said that the football super-star was very happy to cooperate.

Zlatan's portrait will appear on five different stamps. They will be launched in a form of a special booklet containing 10 stamps. The first stamp is to be issued on March 27 next year.