Stamp collecting – a kingly hobby for everyone


Stamp collecting it a hobby that gained a high popularity among enthusiasts from around the world. Few people know that a hobby of stamp collecting became fashionable back in 1870, when the world's first museums were opened. Very soon this activity came to a new level - people began to sell, buy and exchange stamps. Nowadays philatelists create even topical collections devoted to animals, flora, geographical objects etc.

Due to our nature we need to collect something, to have some passion and a hobby that will inspire us. Even in childhood many of us tried to collect some cute and tiny things such as stickers, toy soldiers, organize and reorganize them.  So, philatelism is not just collecting stamps. This is what makes many people from different parts of the world happy.

There are some cases when amateur philatelists who collect stamps for pleasure appear to be the owners of an item that is worth a million. There are many examples of such curious cases. So, once it was reported that a simple housewife who was into stamp collections found out that she possessed several items with a total cost of 200 thousand dollars. Such a godsend is terrific and surprising, isn`t it? 

Some people turn their favorite hobby into a professional activity and earn millions while buying and selling the rare philatelic items. Although the number of stamp collectors who "get rich" from their stamp collections are few and far between, the possibility always exists that you might find a "rarity" in an old inherited stamp album, or a box of stamps purchased at a flea market.

Take, for example, the ‘”Inverted Jenny” stamp. Its owner sold this rare philatelic item for $1,175,000. In such a way a tiny piece of paper brought a real fortune to its owner. There is one more stamp rarity that has made one of the philately enthusiasts rich and happy. This is British Guiana 1c magenta that is regarded by many philatelists as the world's most famous rare stamp. It was sold on 17 June 2014 for $9,480,000 to Stuart Weitzman and this lot has broken the world record for a single stamp auction price.

So, the stamps, especially rare and so called “error’ ones, can be a great investment. For instance, a rare 1841 Penny Red stamp, issued during Queen Victoria’s reign is now worth £25,000, up from £22,000 a year ago. Another rare stamp is called "The Roses" and was printed in 1978 in the UK. It has a face value of 13p but nowadays it is worth £130,000 (because of a printing error). As a tendency shows more and more rare stamps increase in price and enrich the fortune of their owners. 

In our wiki, intended for beginners, you can find interesting information about the history of stamps, their types, the procedure of their production and even about the forgeries that are so widespread in the world of philately.

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