100 years since the birth of the illustrator and painter Eleodoro Ergasto Marenco

July 27th, 2014

Eleodoro Ergasto Marenco was born in Buenos Aires on July 13, 1914. He is associated with painted and sculpted Argentinian tradition and history for over sixty years. His artistic inclination was influenced by rural experiences of his childhood. Images stored in his memory appeared with increasing sharpness in a lot of his drawings and paintings.

With the overwhelming power of his love for the gaucho, Marenco relentlessly pursued the perfection of strokes. A thorough historical research preceded his works in pencil, charcoal, pen, tempera, watercolors and oils.

The horse and horseman were two of his major themes in the many facets of the gaucho, the Indian soldier. The Gaucho plays a nationalistic symbol in both Argentina and Uruguay. The Gauchos became greatly admired and renowned in legends, folklore and in literature and became an important part of their regional cultural tradition. Beginning late in the 19th century, after the heyday of the gauchos, they were celebrated by lot of Argentinian painters, including Marenco.

On the stamp there is an artist's signature.