December 17th, 2015

1861 Perot provisional cover fetched US$121,000 at Spink hurries to inform that a lucky stamp collector has got an exclusive rarity at Spink auction recently! This is an important Perot provisional on an 1861 cover that has been sold for £80,000 (US$121,126) in a sale at Spink London. The stamp is the first issued in Bermuda under the island's first postmaster, William Perot.

Prior to the introduction of the stamp, post and the requisite payment was left in a box outside Perot's house. Perot began to notice that there was a shortfall between the amount of post and the postage paid. He decided to issue a pre-paid stamp in order to remedy the situation.

The first set was introduced in 1848 and continued to circulate on the island into the mid-1860s. The present stamp is from the second issue (1849-1856) and is printed in red ink. The first issue (1848-1849) was printed in black ink.

Spink explains: "Perot's Second Issue appears on letters dated in March and April 1861, some months after his appointment as a member of the House of Assembly.

"Perot's Second Issue bore no indication of value as the First Issue had, and for this issue Perot thought it necessary to cancel each stamp with a pen cross". Sourced by

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