January 8th, 2017

A 1901 4c Pan-American invert error stamp is coming to auction. The item is to be sold for US$10,000

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to keep our readers updated on the latest news from the world of philately. This piece of info concerns 1901 4c Pan-American invert error stamp that is expected to sell for US$10,000 at Cherrystone Auctions on January 10. The opening bid is US$9,500.

The Pan-American inverts, created in an attempt to showcase America's technological advancements ahead of the 1901 Pan-American exposition in Buffalo, are among the most popular stamps with collectors of US errors. Their physical attraction is one of the reasons behind the stamps' popularity; rarity is another.

This wide-margined example is one of just 97 known, as the authorities destroyed all but one pane of 100 stamps when they discovered the error.

“That single pane was stuck down to a page in the archives, hence many existing examples are without gum, or with gum that is disturbed,” explains the auction house.

This example features gum, although that gum is not original.

A mint example of the 2c variant of the 1901 Pan-American invert auctioned for US$29,500 last year. The 1c and 2c stamps were printed by accident. The 4c was printed deliberately, because of a misunderstanding.

The 2c is the rarest of the three – with less than 80 known.

Sourced by paulfrasercollectibles.com

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