March 13th, 2018

A glorious arch bridge honoured on 2018 Europa issue. A special stamp introduced by Åland Post is delighted to announce that Åland Post has presented its special 2018 Europa issue that features a well-kept 1950s arch bridge famous under the name the Bomarsund Bridge.

The stamp was designed by Åland graphic designer Sandra Henriksson, who chose a rectangular form for this special item. The Bomarsund Bridge connects the ruins of the Bomarsund fortress with the island of Prästö.

The famous bridge is 61 metres long and commonly known as the Prästö Bridge. Although there are other higher and longer bridges in Åland, the Bomarsund Bridge is very interesting construction that is worth our attention.  It is one of only two arch bridges, the other being the Färjsund Bridge, featured on a stamp in 1987. The bridge has also a historical background as it was actually built with stones taken from the fortress ruins.

Nowadays, due to a substantial increase of traffic and heavier vehicles, weight restrictions apply since many years. The Åland Provincial Government has it listed as one of a number of bridges that need to be reconstructed by 2023.

We would like to remind you that Europa 2018 stamps have been already issued by several Postal Services and we invite you to appreciate them as well.

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