December 11th, 2015

A £11,602.25 stamp is needed to send a letter to Mars! Philately on Red Planet is to be quite expensive hobby! would like to share the latest postal news with our readers. This one is very exciting and surprising at the same time. Keeping in touch with your Martian pen pal won't be cheap according to the British postal service.

Five-year old aspiring future astronaut Oliver Giddings of Lytham St Anne's in Lancashire asked the Royal Mail how much it would cost to post a letter to the Red Planet. After consulting with NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the answer came back: 18,416 First Class stamps costing £11,602.25 (US$18,003.40).

Sometimes an email just won't do the job, but sending a letter somewhere off the beaten path takes a bit of homework – especially to someplace like Mars, where the post office neglects to advertise the rates. The Royal Mail is a bit hazy on such out of this world destinations, hence the need to consult NASA for a few details to answer Oliver's question.

The £11,602.25 figure from the NASA Mars Outreach team is based on the distance of Earth to Mars using the Curiosity mission as an example and calculated for the upper weight of a standard letter.

"NASA also told me that their last visit to Mars, carrying the Curiosity rover, cost about $700 million US dollars", says Andrew Smout, Royal Mail senior customer advisor in his letter to Oliver. "The spaceship itself is very small, so storage is at a premium. Based on how much the spaceship weighed, compared to how much it costs to get to Mars; they said that something weighing up to 100 grams (3.5 oz) would cost them approximately $18,000 US dollars (£11,600) to fly to Mars".
The Royal Mail then tacked on £2.25 (US$3.40) to send the letter from Britain to a NASA launch site and the total came to £11,602.25.

Oliver's response: "Wow! That's a lot of money". Sourced by

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