Airmails across the Middle East – an exciting book for stamp collectors interested in the airmails

June 8th, 2015 would like introduce to our readers' attention an exciting book on philately theme under the title "Airmails across the Middle East". The book should be of interest to collectors interested in the airmails and the postal history of the Middle East (in particular, Iraq, Egypt and Persia) and the countries of Europe and Asia which were involved in the development of airmail services across the Middle East.

The Middle East occupied a strategic location in the early development of air transport. The need to carry mail quickly and efficiently was a major incentive in the development of the air services from Europe to the Middle East, India and beyond. This book considers the pioneer flights which crossed the Middle East after the end of the First World War, the RAF Cairo-Baghdad Air Mail Service and the development of regular air services by Imperial Airways and other airlines.

While the book builds upon and draws together the work of other authors, research in the Royal Mail Archive, the UK National Archives and elsewhere has produced much previously unpublished information, especially on the airmails of the early long distance pioneer flights, the RAF flights between Baghdad and Cairo in 1919, the RAF Cairo-Baghdad service and the development of the services of Imperial Airways.

All covers and illustrations are shown in full color, which greatly enhances the book. Lots of detail is included for each flight, and this is accompanied by useful charts, maps and bibliographic references. Various Appendices include a Listing of Pioneer Flights, 1922-1930, The Pilot's Handbook of the Cairo-Baghdad Route etc. recommends this book to our readers!