Australia Post is getting fair dinkum with its A to Z Aussie alphabet stamps. New edition of 5 stamps to your attention!

August 16th, 2016 hurries to inform all philately enthusiast that Australia Post is celebrating the "fair dinkum Aussie" way with the second release of a quirky set of five alphabet stamps.

The fair Dinkum Aussie Alphabet stamps are jam-packed with place names, products, past times, lingo and unique Australian animals starting with the same alphabetical letter.

Let's have a Captain Cook at the second instalment of the true-blue Aussie alphabet! This time it's Tassie's turn, with Tarquin the tradie teaching two-up in his tinny to Teena the terrified Tasmanian Devil. Tragically, when the coins were tossed, terrified Teena toppled into the treacherous Tasman in a tailspin. Traumatised, the tearful tradie then travelled to the Tarkine to join the battle to save the Tasmanian Devil from the same terrible, terminal fate as the Thylacine.

Meanwhile, Louisa the lazy Lace Monitor lobs a lamington to Lionel the Lyrebird for lunch and rapacious Rebecca regards her rusty refrigerator replete with relics robbed from her rich relatives.

In Canberra, Cheryl and Claude, a customarily cautious couple, courageously cajole a chummy crocodile and crazy cockatoo into camping and cooking, while Aaron the angry Aussie Rules aficionado is anxious that acclaimed Adelaide achieves its ambition. Keep your eyes peeled for part three of the Fair Dinkum Aussie alphabet, coming soon!

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