Be mindful and sensitive to the environment. 4 “Think Green” stamps released by Jersey Post

April 19th, 2016

Every person is the right person to act. Every moment is the right moment to begin. It is high time to take care of nature and the environment. This is the message that four new “Think Green” stamps with special additional items contain. encourages our readers to join the initiative by appreciating this bright philatelic release.

Europa Stamps 2016 are very special stamps with "Think Green" theme aimed to create awareness and give a wakeup call, its time to protect our environment for the better future of the coming generations.

The trade association known as 'PostEurop' was formed in 1993 to represent the interests of national postal operators and it has 52 members in 49 countries. Stamps bearing the EUROPA logo have been issued since 1956; a theme is set each year for members to interpret and illustrate on a set of stamps, the purpose being to build awareness of each other's culture and history.

For 2016, PostEurop launched a competition with the theme 'Think Green' and Jersey was one of twenty four postal administrations from across Europe to submit a design.