Beautiful clouds as viewed from the earth. Four striking stamps introduced by Australia Post

May 7th, 2018 is excited to present to your attention this beautiful set of four stamps by Australia Post that depicts types of clouds and their features, using striking photographs taken in Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland. These spectacular stamps were designed by Lisa Christensen of Three Branches Design, who chose some of the brightest images featuring beautiful cloudscapes.

As adults, most of us don’t take the time to see the beauty that graces our skies every day.  No matter where you reside, cloud formations provide a wonderful show of nature’s true beauty.

So the first stamp features lenticular clouds, which have the shape of lenses or almonds, often very elongated. The stamp photograph is by Rainer Oberle. 

The second item features Mammatus - strange storm clouds that look like bubbles, cotton balls or pouches. The stamp photograph is by Mark Dawson.

Otherwise known as 'The King of Clouds', cumulonimbus clouds that appeared on the third stamp exist through the entire height of the troposphere, usually characterised by their icy, anvil-shaped top. The stamp photograph is another by Mark Dawson.

And the last item shows arcus clouds that are some of the most photogenic clouds to capture and quite commonly occur across Australia, especially where the majority of the thunderstorms occur. The stamp photograph is by Daniel Lutzke.


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