"Bhutan arts and happiness" provocative stamp release by Bhutan

January 24th, 2014

As FindYourStampsValue.com found out from the official site of Bhutan Postal Corporation, Bhutan has announced the release of highly provocative stamp series "Bhutan arts and happiness".

The stamp from the souvenir sheet shows Lama Drukpa Kunley with bow and arrows, seated on a deerskin and holding a dramyan (Bhutanese musical instrument). Known for his outrageous behavior and bizarre humour laden with sexual overtones, he had an unorthodox way of teaching Buddhism through poems and songs designed to shock people.

The other four stamps of the set within a sheet-let each depict a phallus of the style commonly painted on Bhutanese houses as symbols of fertility and to ward off the evil eye. A lot of Bhutanese people use the phallic symbol to tame the demons and other malevolent spirits.

However, the news on the release might be fake.

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