Bridges of Spain on new Spanish stamps

May 6th, 2013

The Spanish Correos issued two stamps within the series "Bridges of Spain". This time, the issue is dedicated to the Bridge of Besalu (Gerona) and the Los Santos Bridge over Ria de Ribadeo.

The Bridge of Besalu (Girona) is one of the most characteristic bridges of the medieval period. It is located in the medieval village of the same name in the province of Gerona. It began to be built in the 11th century to save the river Fluvia¡ and establish communications between the town and the land on the other side of the river. It consists of seven pointed arches spread over 145 meters forming an oblique angle at the centre which divides it into two sections. On the side that gives access to the city stands a defensive tower built in the mid 14th century where watch was kept and travelers and merchants passing through were obliged to pay a toll. In the centre of the bridge a second defensive tower was built over a pronounced oblique angle, substantially higher than the first one and opened at the bottom by a pointed arch. In 1966 the Besalu Bridge was declared a "national artistic and historical town".

The Bridge of Los Santos over Ria de Ribadeo links the towns of Ribadeo (Lugo) and Castropol (Asturias) and is a highlight of civil engineering. It was built over the vast Ribadeo estuary between 1983 and 1987. The bridge is 600 meters long and was initially 12 meters wide. From 2007 to 2008 it was widened in 24.60 meters converting it to four lanes and two sidewalks to allow for the Cantabrian motorway (A-8) to pass through it. The bridge is named after the chapels on either side of the river: San Roman nas Figueiras in Castropol, and San Miguel, in Ribadeo. Before the building of the bridge, communications between both sides were by boat or making a detour along the old road between Vegadeo and Porto. The issue is a one stamp souvenir sheet featuring an aerial view of the estuary and the town of Ribadeo. In the stamp is depicted the modern bridge of Los Santos and the town of Ribadeo.

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