Canada Post welcomes spring with a new issue.Two annual flower stamps timed for spring and newlyweds

March 13th, 2017

Each year, Canada Post heralds the arrival of spring with a new flower issue. This year the stamps will focus on two colorful varieties of daisies that delight future newlyweds, gardeners and collectors. encourages our readers to appreciate a fresh design of these two bright philatelic items. Let your love of flowers blossom with this set ofstamps!

One stamp depicts the lakeside daisy (Tetraneurisherbacea). Named after an Ohio village, this brilliant yellow wildflower is now almost exclusively found on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula and southern Manitoulin Island. Designated as threatened on the federal and provincial lists of species at risk, this perennial thrives in areas of exposed bedrock with scant soil – areas that are also prone to development. Its beauty is fleeting, and its golden flowers last only about a week.

The other daisy features  the fleabane (Erigeron speciosus), which welcomes spring in wet meadows and open forests in British Columbia and Alberta's high country. This attractive wildflower, which is usually found in lavender but also exists in pink and white, is known by many other names, including pretty daisy and aspen or Oregon fleabane. Although it has played a role in traditional medicine, the best tonic this bloom provides may just be the hope that spring is finally close at hand.

As with all 2017 stamp issues, these stamps include a reference to Canada's sesquicentennial. The words “Canada 150” are printed in microtype on each stamp.