Celebrating 50 years of National Service.Singapore Post unveiled six limited edition stamps on the occasion

March 21st, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com keeps our readers updated on the events happening in the world of philately and is glad to let them know that Singapore Post has prepared for releasing six limited edition stamps that celebrate 50 years of National Service.

The design of each stamp marks a key milestone within the evolution of Nationwide Service.

Anew set of six stamps features key milestones, such as the enlistment of the first batch of full-time National Servicemen and the passing of the National Service Bill in Parliament in 1967, among others.

National Service (NS) was first introduced in the Police Force in 1967, on a part-time basis. The MacDonald House bombing in March 1965 highlighted the importance of a large citizen army and Police force to safeguard Singapore's security. Full-time NS in the Police was established in 1975, following the Laju terrorist incident in 1974. The role of Police National Servicemen has since expanded to include both peacetime and emergency functions.

For 50 years, NS has fulfilled Singapore's critical need for defence and security, and provided the peace and stability. NS50 is thus an important milestone in Singapore's nation-building journey, and an opportune time for people to recognize the contributions of past and present national servicemen.

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