April 13th, 2018

Celebrating the reintroduction of endangered animals in the UK. Six bright stamps released by Royal Mail

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to introduce to our readers` attention six bright stamps by Royal Mail featuring species that had become extinct or endangered in the UK but reintroduced. The sand lizard, large blue butterfly, osprey and stinking hawk’s-beard plant complete the set, illustrated by Wiltshire-based artist Tanya Achilleos Lock.

Tanya focuses on wildlife in her art - she was born in New Zealand, which imparted a lifelong interest in natural history, particularly birds. She’s won awards from the BBC for her work, including Wildlife Artist 2013 in the categories ‘World Birds’ and ‘Animals in their Environment’.

It is considered that there are more than 400 species of animals and plants that become extinct in the UK. To fix this situation Great Britain launched several successful reintroduction programmes. Their aim was to return species back to their native lands. These programmes actually gave many animal species a precious chance to survive. 

Royal Mail spokesperson, Philip Parker said: “When a plant or animal become extinct in a country, that does not have to be the end of the story. Our beautiful new stamps mark the skill and expertise of conservationists in reintroducing species back to their former environments.”

So, let`s enjoy these bright colourful stamps and other spectacular issues on “Nature” theme.


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