Centenary of Halfdan Rasmussen commemorated by Denmark Post

January 16th, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform that Denmark Post has released a set of two stamps commemorating the centenary of Halfdan Rasmussen. The items feature sections of Ib Spang Olsen's drawings for the poems Kanonkongen Knold (Cannon King Knold) and Bennys bukser brændte (Benny's trousers burned), which are both found in Halfdans ABC. The issue was released and put into circulation on the 2d of January.

Halfdan Rasmussen was a Danish poet. He was known for his literary nonsense verse for children and his serious adult writings about social issues and human rights. He was awarded with the Ministry of Culture's children book prize (Kulturministeriets Børnebogspris) in 1965.

Rasmussen was a resistance fighter during the German occupation He became very well-known and respected as a poet, nearly becoming a national poet of Denmark. One of his poems, Ikke Bødlen, was featured as one of the best poems on Human Rights on a 1979 book published by Amnesty International Denmark, and would be later translated into the first verse of Roger Waters' song Each Small Candle.

Halfdan Rasmussen – Danish poet (1915-2002)

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